2017 VIP Beverage Supplier Conference
4.24.2017 | News

The 2017 VIP Beverage Supplier Conference will take place on May 17 and 18 in Burlington, Vermont.

Join us in beautiful downtown Burlington, Vermont for a couple days of learning, networking, and fun at the 2017 VIP Beverage Supplier Conference!

  • LEARN - Seminars, panel discussions, demos, and expos.
  • NETWORK - Get to know the VIP team and over 250 of your industry peers.
  • ENJOYmore >
VIP announces general release of pricing-awareness tool for beverage suppliers
7.11.2016 | News


Many beverage suppliers, specifically wine and spirits brand owners, struggle to coordinate effective pricing and costs across all markets and brands. This industry challenge stems from the lack of visibility to actual pricing behavior of their distributors.

Vermont Information Processing (VIP)  is pleased to announce that Deal Organizer addresses this challenge and is now available for general release. Deal Organizer is a unique prici... more >

2016 VIP Users Conference
6.7.2016 | News

Thursday & Friday, September 15 & 16, 2016

Burlington, Vermont

Join us in beautiful downtown Burlington, Vermont for a couple of days of learning, networking, and fun at the 2016 VIP Users Conference!

We've got a diverse assortment of Seminars, Round Table Discussions, Demos, and Drop-Ins planned for you. Whether your primary responsibilities are in the office, in the warehouse, or in... more >

Distributing Intelligence Episode 8 - Beverage on the web update - Features you need, training you'll love.
3.14.2016 | News
Episode 8 of Distributing Intelligence takes a fresh look at VIP's Beverage on the web. Learn how your fellow distributors and bottlers are saving considerable time and money by using new features that help overcome the latest challenges in our ever-changing industry.

You’ll also see how Beverage on the web's easy-to-access training and support programs can free up your people to be more thoughtful and productive employees. It all adds up to make VIP's Beverage on the web t... more >

Distributing Intelligence Episode 7 - WMS Part 2 - Location-Based Inventory and Forecasting
11.9.2015 | News
In the last Episode of Distributing Intelligence, we saw how technology is transforming the warehouse. That theme continues in Episode 7, where you’ll see the results of leading distributors using Location-Based Inventory and Forecasting & Ordering from VIP.

Forecasting makes sure you always have the right amount of product on hand, increases sales, and improves cash flow. And Location-Based Inventory eliminates mis-rotations, prevents products from ever getting lost, and put... more >