Stay three steps ahead.


In business and in life, you can either be proactive or reactive. A proactive business in the beverage industry is one that can identify potential problems before they happen, but doing so means your team has the experience and tools to monitor operations, sales, employee efficiency, and more. The most successful beverage distributors are the ones that have the reporting tools that allow them to be proactive and confident in their operations.

Even though nothing can replace hard-earned work experience in the beverage industry, we believe that reporting and analytics tools shouldn’t require months or years of practice before users can get value in return. With the VIP reporting and analytics tools, every department in your company is capable of evolving into proactive practices and achieving heightened awareness of the business and the market.



iDIG is VIP’s industry-leading reporting tool, giving you instant access to critical data anytime, anywhere. With both iOS and web-based accessibility, iDIG gives your people access to the insights they need to succeed. Whether it’s your rep walking into a retailer, an executive or owner checking in on business, or a manager looking to monitor and improve performance, iDIG is the critical tool for beverage distributors today.


If there’s something you want to measure and track, KARMA will be your new best friend. A survey tool that’s integrated in the VIP route accounting system, KARMA lets you turn your reps, merchandisers, and delivery drivers into data collection machines without complicating their existing workload. It gives you key insights to manage your relationships with retailers, helps manage and deliver on point-of-sales agreements with suppliers, and uncovers sales and growth opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.

"When we wanted to quantify exactly how many placements were available in our marketplace, we turned to KARMA. We built our ‘door survey’ and asked reps to complete it when they were visiting the stores on their routes. We wanted to know exactly how many doors were out there, how many slots we had, and how many slots our competition had.

We expected this to take a few months to complete, and were surprised when all of the reps had completed the survey within a month. These results gave us a complete view of exactly where our opportunities existed.

Having access to this data improved our relationships with suppliers virtually overnight. When someone asks us to get placements for a new item, we can now tell them how many are realistic for us to secure. And then we look better in their eyes when we deliver what we’ve promised, all thanks to KARMA."

Steve Zehe
Director of Sales
DBI Beverage Inc.