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The beverage industry trusts and depends on the VIP database of all licensed retail accounts in the country. Using the retail accounts reported by distributors, we cleanse and enhance the data to include the chain’s ownership hierarchy information and servicing distributor. If you sell your brands nationally, our retail data solutions can transform your sales efforts.

We do all the heavy lifting of identifying every ownership level of national and regional chains, so it’s amazingly simple to set up groups of accounts for your sales team. In addition to ownership, you can group accounts by banner name, geographic area, and many other account classifications. Once you have your groups set up, they are available in KARMA so you can assign surveys. They’re also available in our reporting tools so you can view sales by chain, ownership, and more.

Call Points

What are Call Points? If your sales team works with chain buyers, Call Points allow you to create groups of accounts based on their ownership hierarchy and more. (We've named these groups of accounts "Call Points.") Using the SRS Website, you can organize contact information, view case equivalents sold into Call Points, verify if your mandated sales are executed, and much more. Although there is tremendous benefit for using Call Points for national and regional chains, you can easily build Call Points for any geographic area or account classification.

Item Authorizations

Without the ability to sell to retailers directly, handshake deals for placements of your products at chain accounts can sometimes never be fulfilled. It comes down to your distributors to follow through with the sale, but tracking down servicing distributors for dozens (or maybe hundreds) of chain accounts can be a daunting task without the right tools.

With VIP, you can easily manage item authorizations, analyze gaps in sales, and then lookup the responsible distributor from our master database. The days of missing out on your hard-earned placements are long gone.

Retail Price Communication

If your products are sold to retailers that utilize vendor-managed pricing like Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club, then Retail Price Communication (RPC) can help make your job a lot easier. RPC allows you or your distributors to enter pricing and item authorizations and then transmits the information via EDI according to the retailer’s specifications.

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.
New Belgium Brewing Group

“The flexibility provided through VIP’s master data to define custom and dynamic Call Point definitions is invaluable to our business. This process allow us to easily discern how a retailer divides their stores, and then design a Call Point that makes sense for our internal team structure. Call Points allow us to strike the balance between how the customers see their business and how we see it given our pre-existing sales team structure.”

Neal Robbins,
Chain Analytics Manager & Resident DJ
New Belgium Brewing Company