SKU proliferation has met its match.


Technology is transforming the warehouse. For distributors who embrace the change, deploying VIP’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows them to manage SKU proliferation, a changing workforce, and ever-shifting industry challenges while saving time and money. When you combine an integrated solution with the common sense and insight that only comes from a company that’s worked with distributors for more than 40 years, you get an efficient work environment for your warehouse team.


Best of all, these WMS solutions are part of the VIP offering. You’ll have real time information - both in the warehouse and in the trade - and you won’t have to worry about systems not talking to each other. EasyPick, EasyOps, location-based inventory, and truck loading are just a few of the ways that you can eliminate errors, maximize space utilization, and increase warehouse productivity and morale. But, these benefits aren’t just felt in the warehouse. When you pick orders faster and more accurately, load them on trucks, and send fresh product off for delivery on time, you’re also making your customers happier.

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EasyPick is an affordable, directed picking solution with a voice option that lets distributors enjoy gains in accuracy, productivity, and accountability. EasyPick uses a smartphone or tablet, which are more cost effective, easier to use, faster to train on, and provide a lightning fast ROI. Put down the paper pick sheet and get the job done faster and more accurately.

Have you ever considered a pay for performance program for your pickers? The objective data that EasyPick gives you makes this easy to implement. You can also install a leaderboard for everyone to see throughout their shift. Not only can they keep track of their progress, but it instills a healthy competition among the team members with everyone striving to contribute to their team goals.


EasyOps puts the power of managing the warehouse into a smartphone or tablet. An intuitive browser-based user interface helps you to take a physical inventory, move product between locations, update UPC codes, print location and pallet ID labels, view code date data, and more. Recent enhancements have virtually eliminated the need for rugged devices in the warehouse altogether. EasyOps now has additional functionality such as receiving, cycle counting, putaway, replenishment, and pallet verification.

Location-based Inventory

Tired of watching your employees hunt and peck around the warehouse, or having to dump out inventory because close-to-code items were misplaced, or having to ask Joe where something is because Joe is the only one that knows? With location-based inventory (LBI) from VIP, all of that becomes a thing of the past. Location-based inventory is a system of organizing your warehouse by location and code date. When every location is labelled and every product movement is tracked, you have total visibility into your entire inventory.

This visibility allows the system to direct how your people do their jobs. With LBI, you can virtually eliminate close-to-code issues, avoid mis-rotations, prevent product from ever getting lost, and put an end to employees hunting around the warehouse.


WebTL is an easy-to-use, web-based solution for pallet building and efficient truck loading, which is the foundation for VIP voice picking. WebTL has a visual interface, allowing you to drag and drop to move products between bays and to view all of the bays in a truck at once.

Forecasting & Ordering

Are you tired of manipulating tons of spreadsheets to create your supplier orders? Tired of hand keying in your orders? The VIP Forecasting & Ordering tools are here to make that process much more efficient.

The VIP Forecasting & Ordering tools ensure that you always have the right amount of product on hand, help to increase sales and improve cash flow. Based on criteria that you select, you build a forecast which you then use to build suggested purchase orders.

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.
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Voice Picking

“Voice Picking has significantly improved our operations here at Saratoga Eagle. Prior to that, pickers had to memorize where all the products were, or they had to hunt for them. Picking time became a fraction of what it used to be once all of our items were given a designated pick location and an efficient pick path sequence was developed. Today we’re able to train a brand new employee in a matter of days instead of weeks, because the time it takes to learn all of the different packages has been eliminated. Now all a picker has to learn are the locations, which are all in alphanumeric sequence. Speed and efficiency have gone way up while the time required to train has gone way down. Voice Picking was virtually an overnight success.”

Marty Witman
Vice President of Operations
Saratoga Eagle Sales and Service