Wine and Liquor Pricing
Say goodbye to guesswork.


VIP has provided pricing solutions to the beverage industry for more than a decade, and we know the specific challenges of developing a pricing strategy for three-tier distribution. Our innovative pricing software removes the barrier of assumption-based pricing. This means you can now confidently determine how well your pricing strategy is executed in the market and adjust your pricing plan accordingly.

Price 2.0

Price 2.0 changes the game of pricing for alcohol beverage suppliers, specifically wine and spirits companies. Never before has any software vendor successfully resolved the challenges caused by the lack of pricing transparency. Price 2.0 enables you to react to pricing trends as they occur and develop your pricing strategy to deliver the highest profit margins possible.

The level of detail you gain with Price 2.0 is the highest you can get. Using a foundation of solid item, account, and distributor data, you can view the volume sold at each price point and then go even further to view the accounts that bought your products at each price point. With so many different prices used by so many different markets for so many different accounts, Price 2.0 is your ally for pricing awareness.

Price Promotion Management

If your pricing department struggles with finding time to meticulously review distributor bill backs, Price Promotion Management (PPM) can help save them time and money. PPM is a robust application that uses distributor invoices to determine if sales are eligible for a rebate and then calculates the amount owed based on your promotional calendar. You can easily communicate new promotions to distributors  and allow distributors to choose to participate in promotions online. What’s more, you and your distributors will have transparency of which invoices are eligible for rebates so you can be sure that distributors receive the payments they deserve.

Retail Price Communication

If your products are sold to retailers that utilize vendor-managed pricing like Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club, then Retail Price Communication (RPC) can help make your job a lot easier. RPC allows you or your distributors to enter pricing and item authorizations and then transmits the information via EDI according to the retailer’s specifications.

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.
Constellation Brands

“In 2012 our settlement process for our Beer Division was somewhat automated, however it was still considered a manual process in today’s standards. Our internal process was prone to error and not sustainable for the long-term growth of our company. VIP had a solution that would reduce our internal transactions by 99% yet still provide the level of detail that our company required to make strategic pricing decisions. In addition, we improved our accrual accuracy to 99.5%. Since that time, VIP has evolved with us. The ROI for our Beer Division is beyond our expectations. We are looking forward to leveraging our experience and processes to implement with our Wine & Spirit Division using the Price Promotion Management application.”

Kimberly Pierce
Director, Credit & Collections
Constellation Brands