Connecting the three tiers.


Because of our long history of working with so many suppliers, distributors and retailers, we have a unique perspective on how information flows between the three tiers, and we think there’s a better way. We’re now on a mission to establish new methods for the benefit of everyone in the beverage industry.

VIP is leveraging our technology and our relationships with hundreds of suppliers and distributors to streamline operations across the entire beverage industry. Think about all of the inefficiencies and duplicate efforts that exist today between the three tiers of the industry. Think about all of the emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls it takes to manage your items, pricing, and purchasing. We are here to take away those time consuming methods that lead to errors, redundancy, and manual work.

We can accomplish this by connecting all three tiers to VIP information and applications. Using shared views and common tools that allow access to a single source of information, we’re getting everyone on the same page for collaboration and communication among the tiers.

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