Innovation hits the road.


The benefits are clear with VIP Delivery for iOS devices: An intuitive and simple interface makes it easy for drivers to keep your customers happy, while also generating clean and accurate invoices. You’ll save manpower with radically efficient reconciling, and you’ll save money with cost-effective hardware. And with VIP technology at the core, you will have the electronic image of the invoice and signature for easy retrieval and sharing with the retailer.


What’s more, compared to traditional ruggedized driver handhelds, the VIP Delivery app for iOS devices offers you lower cost, easier training, and an easier-to-use solution. 

Learn more about the VIP Delivery app in this episode of Distributing Intelligence.

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.

"Since Pine State adopted the VIP Delivery app, we’ve saved about seven hours of work every day because we’ve eliminated the daily manual reconciliation process. We’ve also eliminated driver math errors and the need to search through boxes and boxes of paper invoices since they’re all stored electronically. Best of all, it was easy to implement. Each of our 65 drivers were trained on one day and then sent out with their iPads the next."
Chris Leavitt
IT Systems Manager
Pine State Beverage