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VIP provides solutions for every step of the sales process. Our customers rely on the market data we collect to develop an effective sales strategy, and many of them also depend on our web and mobile applications to execute their sales plans. When you choose VIP for your sales team, you’re choosing a fully-integrated turnkey package that gives your company a competitive edge.


KARMA has many applications, both in the field on the VIP mobile application and in the office with iDIG. It’s a customer relationship management solution, a sales activity tracker, a route planner, a survey tool, and much more. KARMA allows your sales team to do their job smarter and more efficiently. We’ve seen companies use KARMA to collect information on accounts’ ambience to ensure that it matches brand expectations, track time worked and time traveled, promote consistency with promotional events, keep notes on commitments, and more.

Many sales tools available today must be configured to fit the requirements of a beverage sales rep, but KARMA is unique because it was developed specifically for beverage suppliers and distributors. KARMA is built on top of our data warehouse, so the setup and implementation process is minimal. KARMA comes fully loaded with all licensed retail accounts and brands that are sold through the three-tier system.

Brand Finder

How easy is it for consumers to find where to buy your products? If your website, mobile application, or Facebook page has VIP Brand Finder implemented, then consumers can easily locate on and off-premise locations that sell your brands. Brand Finder is fully customizable to your website’s style and can be installed using web services or a traditional iFrame.

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.
Firestone Walker

“The team at VIP has been wonderful to work with. KARMA has provided our sales team with unprecedented organization and customer information. The most successful sales reps on our team use KARMA as a digital notebook when they are in the field. If you invest time, the ROI is immeasurable and infinite for the individual. We've used iDIG to access and report on the KARMA task results from the field: brand commitments, key accomplishments and other field activities. It has helped us make portfolio decisions with our distributors and guide our strategic marketing plans.”

David Macon
VP Sales and Marketing
Firestone Walker Brewing Company