Visibility into a multi-tier industry.


All of our hosted business intelligence solutions are well equipped with the tools you need to grow your brands. Built on a foundation of accurate and timely data, the reporting and analytics software from VIP can transform your company’s supply chain management by providing groundbreaking transparency to your markets in a three-tier industry and much more.

Knowledge that travels with you

A modern workforce is a mobile workforce. We believe that reporting and analytics software is most helpful when you can access it from outside the office. With the VIP mobile application, you can review sales data at key accounts with only a few taps on your mobile device. With powerful mapping features, you always know how your brands are performing in any market. It's never been easier to find placement opportunities, identify lost accounts, and more right from the palm of your hand.


Simple yet powerfully robust, iDIG is the beverage industry’s premier reporting tool and satisfies both the novice user and veteran analyst. Out of the box, you can use iDIG reports to quickly determine your retail market share, view sales performance of distributors, monitor inventory at distributor warehouses, and much more. The possibilities with iDIG are nearly limitless since you can also build custom reports that display and measure your data in any way you can imagine. If you can think it, iDIG can do it.

iDIG reports are always online and always available on the VIP mobile application. Sales reps can quickly view sales for accounts near them from their mobile device. All the data used by iDIG reports are automatically updated at least once a day, so you’ll always be viewing the most recent accounts, sales, products, and more.

Commitment Tracking

This may sound familiar: you are visiting an account to promote a new product. The buyer loves it. You walk out with the commitment. How do you make sure the buyer places the order?

When you put KARMA and iDIG in your sales reps’ hands, it’s never been easier to track commitments. Unlike item authorizations, which are traditionally used by a national chain team, commitment tracking with KARMA is best for following through with commitments at prospective, seasonal, or competitive key accounts. Once they get the commitment, they can enter the details in KARMA with their phone or tablet and email it to the buyer. Later they can create an iDIG report with those results against sales data from the local distributor to check if the order was placed. Our users love this feature because it liberates them from tedious work with spreadsheets and lets them focus on what they are meant to do: sell more beer!

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.
Heavy Seas Brewery

“With VIP and the iDIG features related to reporting we know exactly where every ounce of Heavy Seas Beer goes. That’s a powerful tool for our field sales reps. They know who are current buyers, who were past buyers and who are non-buyers all through one report. Armed with this information, our team can approach the marketplace with valuable intel that helps them secure and maintain placements both on and off premise across all markets.”

Joe Gold
Sales Manager
Heavy Seas Brewery