Beverage innovators since 1972.


Employees: 6

VIP is founded by Howard Aiken. The company focuses on data collection and sales analysis for beer, wine, and soda distributors. Clients would put their invoices on Vermont Transit buses to ship them to our Vermont headquarters, where they were keyed into a mainframe computer for processing. We’d then process it all, and send the results back to them by bus.

Employees: 7

With computers becoming more affordable to individual businesses, VIP develops its first technology innovation for the beverage industry, the VIP Route Accounting System.

Employees: 8

VIP’s offices are located at 101 Main Street in Burlington, upstairs from a bar and music hall. The bus station was across the street, making it easy to carry service reports to be shipped out to customers.

Employees: 12

VIP adds Golden Brands in San Francisco, our first major customer outside of New England and New York. Golden Brands (now part of DBI Beverage) is still a VIP customer today.

Employees: 24

VIP builds and moves into our own building at Water Tower Circle in Colchester, Vermont, including an on-site child care center.

Employees: 35

VIP introduces their first mobile sales application, which runs on Palm devices.

Employee Owners: 45

VIP adds Heineken USA as our first Supplier Services customer. In 2001, VIP also became an employee-owned company.


Employee Owners: 72

VIP begins developing software solutions for suppliers. Boston Beer and Guinness come on board as Supplier Services customers.

Employee Owners: 72

VIP acquires Micro Vane Route Accounting System (dBEV). VIP introduces the first mobile application using Windows Mobile.


Employee Owners: 147

VIP acquires the WCS route accounting system.

Employee Owners: 183

We open our first support branch in North Carolina, and welcome our first soda bottler that didn’t also carry beer, 7Up Watertown.

Employee Owners: 192

VIP adds our 100th Supplier Services customer.

Employee Owners: 207

Apple approves VIP’s first iOS application.

Employee Owners: 215

VIP’s cloud service hosting successfully moves to the Markley Group in Boston, MA.

Employee Owners: 299

VIP completes the acquisition of BDN Collections, greatly increasing our involvement with wine and spirits suppliers.

Employee Owners: 368

VIP completes acquisition of TradePulse, leading to VIP now processing wholesaler depletion data for the majority of beverage alcohol products sold in the U.S.

Employee Owners: 473

VIP acquires Vistaar’s US Beverage Alcohol business and enters into a long-term partnership.