You make the beer. We make it move.



VIP was founded to help sell beer. While our early roots were in serving distributors, we now help more than five hundred brewers as well. From large brands down to the newest craft breweries, our customers are able to maintain sales visibility into markets of all sizes. Our vast data collection network expands well beyond those that use VIP for their route accounting system and includes nearly every beer distributor in the country. Once sales, depletion, and account data has been verified and cleansed, your team can access it in a matter of days through our robust reporting software and mobile applications to be more efficient and profitable. 


When you partner with VIP, your relationships and transactions with your distributors become more productive and transparent. You’ll never wonder where your beer is being sold and what opportunities you might be missing. Using VIP solutions, you can successfully track tap handles, discover opportunity accounts, manage promotional rebates efficiently, enable consumers to find your products, monitor inventory transactions at distributor warehouses, and much more. 


When you work with VIP, you’ll be in good company with some of the leading brands in the business. VIP’s brewery customers include MillerCoors, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken, Pabst Brewing Company, Constellation Brands Beer Division, Diageo Beer Company, Boston Beer Company, Craft Brew Alliance, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, New Belgium Brewing Company, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Deschutes Brewery, and many more.

Reporting & Analytics

iDIG, VIP's industry-leading reporting tool, will revolutionize the way you do business, putting critical information in your people’s hands when they need it most. Reps can walk into a store and open iDIG reports on their phone or tablet to see exactly what was sold in the last year, what’s trending now, and what’s selling at other locations in the area. It helps you identify where you’re losing market share, where you need to act, and what to do next. It takes a vast amount of accurate information and boils it down to actionable insights with an interface as easy to understand as pins on a map.

Sales Execution

Brewers like you wanted a simple, intuitive way to track critical information to improve sales execution. Right before you walk into an account, you need to know:  what happened the last time you were there? How are your brands selling? What is the buyer's name? With KARMA, you have all of that info available in real time in one mobile app. 

Wherever you have stacks of paper or an inefficient process, KARMA eliminates it. It helps you communicate more effectively with your team in the field and build your own database of proprietary information. KARMA is dynamic and adaptable, so you can design tasks to track commitments, approve displays, and much more. Even if your reps leave your company, the institutional knowledge you’ve built with KARMA – contact information, visit notes, photos, etc. – are preserved and passed to the next person.

Brand Finder

Brand Finder is a simple website plug-in that helps your customers find your beer anywhere. Consumers can easily lookup which local retailers and on-premise accounts have recently purchased your brands. You also have access to user analytics, which includes zip codes where people are having unsuccessful searches. With this information, you can discover new potential markets where demand might already exist but sales execution is lacking.


VIP’s Price Promotion Management (PPM) application automates promotion communication, calculates reimbursements, and streamlines your approval workflow. It eliminates the need to validate every pricing report you receive from a distributor. Instead all your distributors' promotion accruals are stored and managed in one place. 

Today leading beverage suppliers such as Pabst Brewing, Boston Beer, Constellation Brands Beer Division, Heineken USA, MillerCoors, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and Deschutes Brewery enjoy automated depletion allowance reimbursements from more than 1,000 beverage distributors around the country. The result is a win-win for suppliers and distributors alike, creating clarity and transparency in price-to-retailer, promotion participation, and more.