We Were Born To Help Distributors.



VIP was founded in 1972 to help beer distributors, and since then we’ve expanded our reach to touch all players in the beverage industry. With more than 50% of the beer volume in the United States running on our route accounting system, VIP brings a level of expertise that’s unmatched in our field. We have a special passion for the business of distributing beer and thrive on helping companies like yours to succeed in every area of your operations.


From the front office, to the warehouse, to your sales people in the trade, to your drivers and merchandisers bringing it all home, VIP’s system gives everyone the tools they need to do the best job possible. All of these tools are tightly integrated giving you the ability to not only gather information, but to let you use it in a way that can revolutionize the way you do business.

Route Accounting System

VIP’s route accounting system is everywhere you are: in the office, in the trade, in the warehouse. Giving you the power to manage all of your ordering, inventory, sales, pricing, picking, loading, routing, forecasting, and accounting from a single integrated and powerful solution. Chock full of time saving features like being able to upload a pricing spreadsheet, share common views, and use configuration wizards, VIP delivers on its promise of ease of use.

Warehouse Management

Technology is transforming the warehouse. For distributors who embrace the change, deploying VIP’s warehouse management system (WMS) allows them to manage SKU proliferation, a changing workforce, and ever-shifting industry challenges while saving time and money. When you combine an integrated solution with the common sense and insight that only comes from a company that's worked with distributors for more than 40 years, you get an efficient work environment for  your warehouse team.

Reporting & Analytics

iDIG is VIP’s industry-leading reporting tool, giving you instant access to critical data anytime, anywhere. With both iOS and web-based accessibility, iDIG gives your people access to the insights they need to succeed. 

If there’s something you want to measure and track, KARMA will be your new best friend. A survey tool that’s integrated in the VIP route accounting system, KARMA lets you turn your reps, merchandisers, and delivery drivers into data collection machines.

Sales Execution

Distributors that equip their reps with the power of VIP’s integrated mobile sales solutions are changing the whole paradigm of beverage sales, resulting in big wins in the marketplace. When reps are armed with the insights, tools, and knowledge you can only get from VIP, they quickly become more than just salespeople; they turn into valued consultants that retailers can rely on to improve their businesses.

The Proof is in the Trade

The best way to understand the power of working with VIP is to listen to our customers.

"Over the years, Burke Beverage and River City Distributing have benefitted greatly from the innovations that VIP has developed. They’re constantly looking ahead to the latest technology for us to implement to help us to do better. As the industry has changed and grown, so too has our business changed and grown. VIP has been a great partner by growing along with us and giving us the tools we need to manage these changes

Our sales reps place their orders on an iPad, delivery drivers have retailers sign the screen on their device, and our pickers use voice-directed picking. Every innovation from VIP saves us time and money, improves our efficiency, and helps us to better manage our ever growing business. I don’t know where we’d be without VIP."

August W. (Bill) Mahlstede III
Manager of Information Systems
Burke Beverage, Inc./River City Distributing, Inc.