VIP was founded in 1973 as a data collection and processing company. VIP keyed clients’ sales from paper invoices into a computer and provided clients with summarized sales reports. As computers became more affordable to individual businesses, VIP expanded its own in-house software and sold the product as the VIP Route Accounting System.

As a specialist in the beverage industry, VIP has developed a complete software package that is second to none in meeting the specific needs of beverage distributors/bottlers. VIP has developed solutions for all three tiers of the beverage industry. In 2002, VIP started developing software solutions for suppliers.  VIP currently collects data and provides solutions for over 100 suppliers.

Over the years, VIP’s technological and business solutions for beverage distributors expanded to include:  a complete financials package; PDA handhelds and other mobile devices for sales reps, drivers, and merchandisers; innovative applications for Warehouse Management Systems such as automated truck loading, voice picking, and task management; iDIG sales analysis tools; electronic report capture, email, and retrieval; and Cloud Solution.

Supplier Services have grown to include data collection, data hosting, data delivery, sales reports tool, product finder, data cleansing, and price collections for Wal-Mart VMP.

Key events in VIP's history include:

  • 1990: Constructed and moved into a 32,000 square foot. building in Colchester, Vermont. The building is fully owned and solely occupied by VIP and an on-site, subsidiary childcare center.
  • 1995: Introduced Palm sales application.
  • 2001: Installed First Cloud Solution distributor.
  • 2001: Signed first Supplier Services collections customer, Heineken USA. 
  • 2002: Boston Beer and Guinness signed as Supplier Services customers. 
  • 2003: Acquired Micro Vane Route Accounting System (dBEV).
  • 2004: Launched outlet data cleansing service to complement data collection for Supplier Services.
  • 2004: Launched VIP EDI Hub with initial projects with Wal-Mart for Advance Ship Notices and Food Lion for Pre-delivery Notices.
  • 2005: Acquired WCS Route Accounting System.
  • 2010: Opened support branch in North Carolina.
  • 2011: Signed 100th SRS customer.
  • 2012: First iOS application approved, now includes Mobile Order Entry, iDIG Mobile, and Survey Application 
  • 2013: Over 50% of Beverage customers on the Cloud. 
  • 2013: VIP Cloud service successfully moved to the Markley Group in Boston, MA. 
  • 2015: Acquired BDN collections from Nielsen

IBM Partnership

VIP is a Solutions Provider for IBM. When choosing solutions providers, IBM selects software companies with excellent products and fine reputations. We are proud of this affiliation with IBM and consider it a mark of distinction.

For you, there are many advantages in using IBM hardware. You get the best equipment in the industry and you are guaranteed first-rate service. Because we work with a limited number of hardware products, VIP employees know them well and make sure you take advantage of all of their built-in features.

In addition, we always receive new hardware that IBM produces and test it before deciding whether or not it is practical for our customers.

The combination of IBM hardware and VIP software will give you the total solution to your data processing needs.

SSAE-16 Compliant

VIP is SSAE-16 (formerly SAS70) Compliant