The industry’s premier data network.


VIP has the largest and most dependable data collection network in the alcohol beverage industry, which inherently lacks market visibility. This granular level of information has proved transformative for our customers. The warehouse inventory data collected helps prevent out-of-stocks. The detailed pricing data collected verifies eligibility for promotional rebates. The retail sales data collected determines if placement mandates are executed. That’s only scratching the surface of possibilities.

Most distributors on our network are able to report invoice-level depletion data on a daily basis, rather than monthly summaries which can only give you a piece of the picture. After getting your distributors set up, our team of data collection specialists and account managers are typically able to verify and deliver your data within days. With VIP, you can spend more time focused on operations and resources and less time gathering and verifying data from your distributors.

We take pride in keeping all our collection services domestic and never outsourcing overseas. This has resulted in great, longstanding relationships with over 2,800 beverage distributors that use over 180 different route accounting systems. VIP also has decades of experience refining our automated process for data validation, so you can trust the numbers you work with.

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We value transparency in everything we do, especially with data collection. With VIP, you have 24/7 online access to your distributors’ reporting statuses, progress on projects such as distributor consolidations or territory realignments, and so much more. You can also quickly and easily submit tickets for data discrepancies and track their resolution without placing a call or writing an email.

Industry partnerships

We work with many third-party reporting services or industry trade groups such as the Beer Institute, NABCA, and Nielsen for scan data (which we are a licensed re-seller). If your company benefits from other data sources, you can save time by taking advantage of the seamless integration we've established with these partners. There is no need to deal with the frustrations of "missing pieces" to your data.