Hard data for soft drinks & non-alcohol brands.



VIP is the ideal source of business intelligence data for non-alcoholic beverage brands that choose to market their brands through the three-tier alcohol and soda bottler distribution system. The expansive VIP data collection network includes nearly all beverage distributors in the country. Non-alcoholic brand owners that work with VIP receive retail sales transparency that is similar to a direct store delivery (DSD) method.


We know many reasons why a non-alcoholic brand partners with an alcohol distributor or soda bottler:  the distributors already service your target market, it’s more convenient for a retailer to buy all beverages from a single source, and more. Yet what you gain in distribution, you lose in market transparency. As a brand in a distributor’s product portfolio, you don’t need to be blind to sales and distribution data. All of our reporting, pricing, and analytical tools are readily available to non-alcoholic brands that choose the three-tier alcohol and soda bottler distribution system.


VIP is pleased to work with customers such as Monster Energy, Nestle Chilled Beverages, Nestle Waters, BODYARMOR, Campbell Soup Company, Talking Rain, Fiji Water, and many more. Traditionally brands that choose an alcohol distributor or soda bottler for distribution have the simplest implementation and reap the most benefits from VIP, although our data collection network is constantly growing and expanding.

National Chains

Placements in regional and national chain stores are a huge milestone for non-alcohol beverage suppliers, but with it comes challenges. VIP’s Call Points application solves major blockers for defining sales territories based on chain ownership and buyers. By tapping into our master outlet data, it’s never been easier to create groups of accounts based on banner names, chain ownership, geographic areas, and more. Once you have a group of accounts established, you can just as easily assign them to your sales team and start tracking sales volume.


VIP’s Price Promotion Management (PPM) application automates promotion communication, calculates reimbursements, and streamlines your approval workflow. It eliminates the need to validate every pricing report you receive from a distributor. Instead all your distributors' promotion accruals are stored and managed in one place.

Today leading beverage suppliers such as Monster Energy and Talking Rain enjoy automated depletion allowance reimbursements from more than 1,000 beverage distributors around the country. The result is a win-win for suppliers and distributors alike, creating clarity and transparency in price-to-retailer, promotion participation, and more.

Sales & Account Management

KARMA is a sales execution tool that’s tailored to the needs of the beverage industry. It gives you an easy way to track critical information as you work with your retailers, including recording commitments and relaying them to distributors. It helps build institutional knowledge within your company. And it creates an objective and proprietary source of actionable information you can use to seize opportunities and improve execution.