Why Soft Drink Bottlers Rely on VIP.



VIP’s team understands the intricacies of each part of the beverage industry. While our core route accounting system was originally built to help beer distributors, we began expanding our bottler customer base in earnest in 2009 and have carefully tailored our technology to also serve the unique needs of companies like yours. In fact, more than 50% of the independent Pepsi bottlers in the U.S. run on VIP, with more adopting our solutions every year.


VIP will strategically help you run your bottling operation to be more efficient and profitable, today and in the future. Our system gives you the ability to fully service your soft drink vending machines. It makes it easy to accurately manage and pay commissions. It includes a pricing application that can handle the most complex pricing and discounting plans. And most important, it gives you the peace of mind that comes from partnering with VIP’s team of soda-bottling experts.

Tools & Innovations just for Soft Drink Bottlers

VIP’s technology suite gives you and your team access to all the tools you need to run a modern soda bottling operation. Aside from our core Route Accounting SystemWarehouse Management System, Reporting & AnalyticsSales Execution, Delivery, and Financial Tools, VIP’s system has important innovations specific to your business that’ll help you take greater control of your bottling operation and improve the performance of your staff.


VIP’s Full Service Vending module is baked right into our beverage and mobile system. We know that selling to a vending machine is significantly different than selling to a retailer, so our mobile application has different prompts for your delivery person to use. They can even do a DEX read of the machine and have the data downloaded directly to the app. The Coin Mech keeps track of what’s been sold, funds that have been collected, and other critical vending machine info. Our system also lets you do a settlement on every single machine that’s been serviced, so you have instant access to data and insights from the trade.

Marketing Funds

VIP’s system can manage and track all types of marketing fund agreements (CMAs/CDAs) including on invoice, per case, growth, scan, fixed, and cumulative with chains or local retailers. These can either be shown on-invoice and deducted from the total, or off-invoice but tracked and accumulated, with lump-sum payments managed through the system.

Supplier Interfaces

VIP works with all major soft-drink manufacturers for the collection and reporting of required data. Additionally, VIP works with the independent bottling co-ops to help with their data requirements.

Direct to Trade

VIP’s system allows bottlers to take orders for large customers and have your bottling co-op receive the order. They’re then able deliver it directly to the customer, saving you the space and effort of handing it through your own warehouse.